Oral hygiene with orthodontics

Oral hygiene with orthodontics
When an orthodontist performs, he or she should care more about the health of his mouth and teeth. In the event of orthodontics, food is stuck between wires and orthodontic plugs while eating, so it requires more cleaning.

Oral Health

After eating, these people should not brush their teeth with dental floss that contains fluoride. You should also wash your teeth with a fluoride gel before bedtime.

Dental floss and the use of tools that clean teeth and plaques and wires.

Freddy who has made their teeth orthodontic is obligatory.

People who have done orthodontic treatment should surely clean the foods left in the orthodontic plaque, because these foods can cause tooth decay.

Observing oral hygiene for people who have not undergone orthodontics is also necessary because eaten foods stays in the teeth and cause a lot of problems for the person.

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