2 February 2018

What age is orthodontic treatment?

This is an issue most Orthodontists are familiar with. What is certain is that the answer to this question will be different and will directly relate to the type of anomaly or malocclusion. My goal will never be to enter this topic, and it does not cover this patience, and almost all colleagues are familiar with it, since in the reference books and numerous articles about it, enough is discussed. What made me choose this title is the treatment of […]
2 February 2018

Oral hygiene with orthodontics

Oral hygiene with orthodontics When an orthodontist performs, he or she should care more about the health of his mouth and teeth. In the event of orthodontics, food is stuck between wires and orthodontic plugs while eating, so it requires more cleaning. Oral Health After eating, these people should not brush their teeth with dental floss that contains fluoride. You should also wash your teeth with a fluoride gel before bedtime. Dental floss and the use of tools that clean […]
2 February 2018

What is Orthodontics?

What is Orthodontics? It is evident that the teeth of a person, in addition to being healthy, should be beautiful to have a beautiful smile. Some people have irregular teeth and this malnutrition must be resolved so that they can have good social activities and can communicate properly with others. Orthodontics is one of the ways to tighten your teeth. Orthodontics has a variety of types, including fixed orthodontics, moving orthodontics, invisible or linguistic orthodontics, functional orthodontics, and ceramic orthodontics. […]
2 February 2018

Orthodontics in adults

Orthodontics in adults Orthodontics is not only for children, but adult orthodontics can also have beautiful teeth at any age. Human teeth are moving and changing throughout their lives, so one can not say for sure if a human being has orthodontically groomed teeth in childhood, he does not need an orthodontic in an adult. Beautiful smile always depends on having smooth teeth and with this orthodontic you can achieve this smile. Oral teeth will also help to keep your […]
2 February 2018

Application of elastics and casts in orthodontics

Application of elastics and casts in orthodontics Orthodontic elastics consist of cushions, which make it a force between the jaw teeth and mandibular teeth. These cages are attached to the mandibular teeth from maxillary teeth. Elastic cuffs should be replaced every day to make orthodontic results satisfactory because they lose their strength after a while. Elastic cushions, if attached incorrectly, result in a photograph, so they need to be carefully connected. Orthodontic elastic cords should not be placed against intense […]
3 February 2018

ضرورت انجام ارتودنسی

فقط دندانپزشک یا متخصص ارتودنسی می‌تواند تعیین کند که آیا انجام دادن ارتدنسی دندان برای بیمار لازم می باشد یا وی نیازی به انجام آن ندارد. دکتر ارتودنسی بر مبنای ابزار تشخیصی از جمله شرح حال کامل پزشکی و پرونده دندانپزشکی بیمار، معاینه بالینی، مراقبت ها(تغذیه در ارتودنسی)، قالب گرفتن از دندان‌ها و عکس‌های رادیوگرافی‌ و در صورت لزوم اصلاح طرح یک دندانپزشک می‌تواند با تشخیص به موقع ناهنجاری‌های فک‌ها یا دندان‌ها به درمان یا جلوگیری از بدتر شدن مشکلات […]
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